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1st Mistral Korea Cup International SUP Championship


2017 World Paddle Association World Tour Korea 

1. Outline of event


(1) Purpose:

• By hosting Stand Up Paddle board(SUP) international competition, get the world together and offer Koreans to get a chance to enjoy and learn SUP all together.

(2) Date & Location:

• Date : Sunday, July 23, 2017

• Location : Gwangalli Beach

• Target : International professional paddlers, Paddle board club members or professional paddlers in Korea, teenager, family, and anyone who want to enjoy together.   


(3) Host, Supervision, Sponsor

• Host : Mistral Korea
• Supervision : Korea Stand-up Paddle Association(WPA KOREA), World Paddle Association

• Sponsor : 수영구청, 해양소년단연맹, WonPoong, PURE coconut water, Spongeable Korea

                Starboard, RedPaddleCo, JP, Naish, 404, KeNalu Paddle, VMG   

2. Event details

(1) Main event

-Technical sprint course 200m

-500m(elementary students)

-Beginner’s course 1.5km

-Intermediate open course 3km

-Pro/elite course 8km

-Team race   


3. Courses 

* See attached maps.

* Course may be changed if it is necessary.

4. Award category & details


(1) Prize money will be given only in Pro/Elite class in US$.

(2) First to fifth men and women will receive the money as a cash on site.

(3) All participants will receive the lucky draw ticket. Lucky draw will be conducted during the prize giving.

(4) All Participants will receive their own race record certificate.
(5) Paddlers who finished the first to third will be given the prize.
*Prize Money

5. Operating regulation
(1) general regulation

1) During competition, participants must follow the race committee's final decision.

2) Before the race, all the participants should do warm-up and wear life jacket during the race(can be replaced by board leash).

3) Each team have to be gathered at the spot 10 minutes before the race start. And if not, you will be considered as DNS, which stands for did not start.

4) People who are drunk or who have health problem will be limited on participation.

5) The organizer may request each team the compensation of losses caused by the negligence of the participants.

6) The participants should aware their own safety, and be careful not to lose your personal or group items.
7) Under the circumstances, the time of the can be rescheduled, and it will be noticed at least 30 minute before the initial starting time.

8) Matters that are not specified shall be abide by decision of festival committee.

9) participation is only allowed to people who agree with using of portrait rights and personal information.

10) The record will be written as the bow of the board cross the finish line.

11) Buoy, fishing gear and obstacles within the course is regarded a natural obstacle, so overcome it yourself.

12) When returning the equipment, you must return life jacket, paddle, all measured equipments together.  


(2) Equipment & facilities

1) All participants can use their equipments, but the event organizer may help you to get some boards and paddles in limited numbers

2) Personal equipment is available only at the designated race.

3) The committee can chance the schedule or site according to the weather.   

(3) Disqualification

1) In the case of interfering with other team or causing danger deliberately, that paddler will be disqualified.

2) If someone interferes with the operation, the committee can reject or limit their participation.

3) All participants must wear the bib shirt during the race. If anyone who fail to this will be disqualified.

*Class entry fees

1. Sprinter: 10$(If you have registered any other race courses, you will be free)

2. 500m: 10$(only for the junior, age under 13 years old)

3. 1.5km: 20$(paddlers who have never tried 3km at one time)

4. 3km: 30$(Regular paddlers who can cover more than 4km normally)

5. 8km: 50$(only for professionals or very fit)
*How to register?

 -click here first!!!



1. Fill every fundamental questions about yourself.

2. Choose the right class that you can deal with in terms of distance, which you should consider if you can sustain very hot and humid conditions during the event periods.

3. Agree all required fields.

4. Send the entry fees through WPA KOREA account which is noticed 

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